Bits of Beijing

Tips for working in China…
– Be ready for an international experience.
Our week producing an event for AT Kearney in Beijing reminded me that we are working in a global community. Our meeting planning partners were from Rome, we sourced gear and scenic from Beijing, and we split our running crew between the US and Singapore. Needless to say, with all of the languages being spoken in the ballroom, it was IHOP – an international house of production!

– Building a custom set? Plan enough time to have it ACTUALLY BUILT in the ballroom.
The set pieces were assembled, seams were caulked, sanded, primed and covered with 3 coats of paint, right before our eyes…We literally had our set built in the ballroom!

– Try out new forms of entertainment.
You may not have heard of Sa Ding Ding…but she has sold over 2 million albums in China and is one hot act! She performed for the closing night, interspersed with some very serious Shaolin munks (these guys could easily keep up with Bruce Lee).

The show went incredibly well. But after 8 days in Beijing, it’s going to be awhile before I order Chinese take-out.

President and Founding Principal of One Smooth Stone

One Smooth Stone team members check out how great the wall really is.
Serious Shaolin Monks demonstrate their martial arts skills for AT Kearney.

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