Fall Festivities

Halloween! A time to eat candy. A time to decorate. A time to put small children in uncomfortable and ridiculous costumes and parade them around the neighborhood.

Here are some photos of our One Smooth Stone kids, dressed up for the holiday. Can you guess which child belongs to which stoney?









And the answers are…

A) Stephanie’s daughter, Cassidy (kitty cat)
B) Steve’s son, Adam (Batman)
C) Megan’s daughter, Skyler (princess)
D) Bethany’s neice and nephew, Tyler and Kylie (swamp monster and Hannah Montana)
E) Kevin’s daughters, Emily and Abby (hippy and princess)
F) Lisa’s children – McKinsey (50’s girl), Payton (rock star), Austin (joker), Bronson (joker’s sidekick), and 2 of their friends (Batman & the fighter)
G) Joanne’s son, Luke, and his girlfriend, Lauren (flapper girl and mobster)
H) Brad’s nephews, Christopher, Patrick and Matt (warrior, football player and joker)


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