CAbi Event Goes HD

Last month, One Smooth Stone partnered with long time client CAbi to produce its biannual “Scoop” event at the Minneapolis Convention Center. The event gathered 2,400 women’s clothing sales consultants in a new, condensed format to minimize attendee expense and time away from home, while maximizing their time at the event. The new fall clothing line was launched in a general session featuring a 170’ runway flanked by stadium seating, creating an intimate feel for such a large audience.

The big change for CAbi at the July 2009 event was the decision to integrate a fully high-definition video projection and record system. The advantages to taking the “HD plunge” were many…

  • Consultants saw the latest fashion on screen in GREAT DETAIL
  • Footage from the fashion show was ready to be POSTED TO THE WEB immediately after the event…no converting, re-shooting or editing necessary
  • Fashion show footage posted to the CAbi website allows customers to also see the latest trends in CRYSTAL CLEAR RESOLUTION
  • Consultants who were unable to attend the event can view the fashion show and feel as if they are ACTUALLY THERE


Wanna see the footage? Check out and judge the quality for yourself!

Fashion show runway with two high definition screens.

A model struts the runway, with her image in HD behind her.

Two HD screens were flown above the audience on each side of the runway. Attendees were seated in tiered bleachers to give the show a more intimate feel.


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