All Dressed Up

October 31st was a costume-filled holiday for the One Smooth Stone kids! Take a look at some of the outfits donned by stonies’ children, nieces and nephews…

Ken Haller’s boys, Tieg and Kade, were dressed as reptiles for Halloween!

Lisa Hultmark and her family teamed up to create the cast of Wizard of Oz.

Megan’s Manske’s daughter, Skylar, was a princess who clearly likes to get her way!

Steve Koppel’s two children, Adam and Genevieve, dressed up as a pirate and a chicken

Bethany Johnson’s niece and nephew, Kylie and Tyler, walked their neighborhood as a witch and Nintendo’s Luigi

Brad Zulke’s nephew, Jonathan, enjoyed playing the part of Scarecrow at his school festival

Stephanie Selig’s daughter, Cassidy, donned a “cheerful” pink butterfly costume to celebrate


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