Virtual Events: Fad or Fabulous?

Join us for our upcoming webinar next, Virtual Events: Fad or Fabulous, brought to you in partnership with hinton+grusich. The webinar will be taking place Thursday, February 18, at 1pm CST.Many of us are wondering if virtual events are a passing fad or a fabulous event tool that we need to fully embrace. One Smooth Stone and InXpo team up to discuss its application and bring you the latest insights into the creation, execution and experience of virtual events. During this webinar, you’ll learn why to consider a virtual event as part of your overall event strategy.

– Experience a guided tour through a virtual event
– See how simple acquiring measurable results for an event can be
– Collect very practical tips for creating a successful virtual event
– Gather criteria that helps determine when to incorporate a virtual experience

Reserve your complimentary webinar seat here. Please feel free to pass along the invitation. Can’t make it? It’s available for download the Tuesday morning following there event here, on our blog.


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