Results Rule Video Training

In 2006, One Smooth Stone was highlighted in the business strategy book Results Rule!: Build a Culture That Blows the Competition Away, written by author and trainer Randy Pennington. Results Rule! provides strategies and concepts to create a culture that sets your organization apart in a marketplace where products and services are increasingly seen as being interchangeable.

Randy has now released a valuable business training package that takes the content from his book and kicks it up a notch, reinforcing it with additional training material. One Smooth Stone is again featured in Randy’s program, but this time in video format featuring Executive Vice President Gary Vlk.

Results Rule!® Video Training Program

The heroes in every marketplace are defined by their results, and the leader’s job is to create and sustain a culture that consistently shouts Results Rule! Send the Results Rule! message to your organization in a new, entertaining, and economical way. This video training program allows you to carry the insights from Randy’s award-winning book throughout your organization.

The training package includes the following:

  • DVD with 43 minutes of video that support the six choices successful organizations make to consistently deliver results. The DVD can be used in a variety of training formats and programs.
  • Participant manual for duplication by you. The participant materials are designed to support a single half-day program or multiple sessions of up to seven hours in length.
  • Leaders guide and PowerPoint slides for the program to allow you to teach everything yourself.
  • Results Rule! poster for duplication.
  • One copy of the Results Rule! book

For more information about the Results Rule! training program, please visit


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