One Short Post- Summer, oh how we have missed you.

It is officially summer in Chicago!  And One Smooth Stone is celebrating 15 years of excellent work and great summer weather! Check out what the Stonies are doing for fun (when they aren’t working!). 

Then, please post YOUR favorite summer activity.

Kevin: “Walking 18 holes of golf and then remembering all the putts that almost went in, grillin’ and chillin’ on the patio, and making smores around the fire pit!”

 Gary:Having an afternoon to ride my bike and not returning to my backyard until the moon is out.”

Brad: “Golfing! Kevin and I recently won our local Stonebridge Tournament, an accomplishment we are very proud of!”

Kimberly:Cycling for miles on rural, well paved roads! Grilling dinner, a glass of Sangria and great friends on our back patio tops off the day.”

Mark: Participating in the annual Microbrew Review in my hometown of Oak Park, IL benefiting Seven Generations Ahead. Over 50 microbrews on tap for an entire afternoon!”

Steve: “Enjoying dinners out on the deck with family.”

Ken: “Hanging out with the kids…anytime, anywhere, doing anything!”

Stephanie: “Spending the day at the Brookfield Zoo with my girls. “

Bethany: “Going cycling with my husband. We are training for our first 100-mile bike ride and we’re enjoying getting out on the road this summer.”

Emily: “Attending concerts with friends at Pritzker Pavilion in Millenium Park.  We set up blankets and enjoy cheese, wine, great music and the beautiful summer weather.”

Barb: “Being outdoors and getting together with family and friends in the backyard, at festivals and at parties.”

Megan: “Going down to the city and walking around by the lake.”

Sandy:Riding my bicycle to Brookfield Zoo and back with my husband.”

Lisa: “Having picnics in the parkway with my kids.”

Joanne: “Having friends and family over and enjoying our pool on a hot summer day while sipping ice cold lemonade.”

Andrea: “Taking late night bike rides through Chicago with friends…and ice cream! Mint chocolate chip, to be more specific.”


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