One Short Post: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

One Short Post: Travel Tips

One Smooth Stone just completed a busy Q2, with events in Grand Cayman, Mexico, Orlando, Boston and Anaheim…just to name a few! After clocking extensive flight miles, our team members have discovered quite a few helpful tips for more efficient travel.

For this month’s “One Short Post”, we asked the question, “What’s your best travel tip for people on the go?”

Mark Ledogar – “If you forget a phone or laptop charger at home (or you’ve lost it), contact the concierge or the hotel’s housekeeping department. They might have an extra that you can borrow for the duration of your stay.”

Kimberly Medaglia – “For those non-coffee drinkers: I always pack a travel mug and tea bags. Who wants to drink from a paper cup?  And hotel mugs are so small…three sips and it’s gone.  Plus, many vendors in airports will give you hot water gratis!”

Stephanie Selig – “Always bring an extra pair of socks in your carry-on luggage. That way, you don’t have to walk through security bare foot!”

Andrea Huntzicker – “Email important travel documents, such as hotel reservations and flight confirmation codes, to your own email account. You will have easy access to the information you need even if you misplace the hard copies.”

Bethany Johnson – “Look for a hobby that travels easily and can help you pass the time going from city to city. This year, I discovered knitting and it’s been a fun and easy way to make airplane travel more enjoyable.”

Steve Koppel – “Shoes take up the most space in a suitcase. To save room on a short trip (3 days or less), consider wearing the same shoes on the plane that you will wear for work. If it’s a longer trip, put only 1 pair of shoes in your suitcase and wear the other pair en route.”

If you would like more helpful travel tips, take a look at what One Smooth Stone put together for an Active International Travel Forum this year, posted here for your reference.

One Smooth Stone_Active Travel Advisory Board travel tips

Now that you have read some of our best travel tips, share some of your own by commenting below!


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