One Short Post- Customer Service

Take a look at what other members of One Smooth Stone said when they answered the question, “What does customer service mean to you?”




Gary Vlk

“Being an extension to a client team that is so natural, they forget you work for them.”

Kimberly Medaglia

“Anticipating what clients need BEFORE they even know that they want it.”

Bethany Johnson

“Being honest with clients, even when the best solution for their business is not to buy your product.”

Barb Sepulveda

“Exceeding customer expectations. Always approaching them with kindness, professionalism, and respect.”

Mark Ledogar

“Feeling joy in contributing to the other person’s satisfaction.”

Andrea Huntzicker

“Providing a client with focused and genuine attention, so that every interaction is a reminder of their value and importance.”

Stephanie Selig

“Providing timely and accurate answers to a client’s questions.”


Ken Haller

“Turning problems into solutions while maintaining a kind and professional attitude. And a smile never hurts!”


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