Navigating Social Media…

Be fun, be human, and be ready to connect 

Assistant Project Coordinator Andrea Huntzicker recently attended a social media educational session. Here are some interesting tips and tidbits she brought back with her…

1. Before jumping into social media full force, ask yourself and your organization, “Why are we getting involved in social media?”

Create a clear, simple objective for each social media site you engage with, developed based on your established business goals.

2. Be creative in developing content for your blog or social media outlets.

Some new ideas we came across include…

–         Interviews with team members

–         Real life stories

–         Tips and tricks, allowing you to share intellectual capital

–         Words from guest bloggers

–         Book/article reviews

3. Always keep in mind, “It’s not about us, it’s about them”.

As they participate with you and your organization via social media, your readers want to…

–         feel a sense of belonging

–         be a part of a community

–         laugh

–         learn something new and helpful

–         be engaged creatively

4. Social media is valuable. It can offer your business…

–         exposure

–         identification of future clients

–         branding

–         partnerships

–         ideas

–         research

–         the opportunity to be the ones who build the community

5. Twitter is a “gateway” to social media.

It is designed to be the “magnet” that connects to and raises interest in your other social media outlets, such as facebook, LinkedIn, your blog or articles.


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