One Short Post – Trick o’ Treat

With Halloween just a few days away, we took time away from our “trick or treat” preparations to ask our team about their favorite scary films. Get in the spooky spirit and take a look at what they said… if you dare!


Which scary movie do you find the most frightening and why?

Gary:The Exorcist. It’s way too real!.”


Brad: “Open Water because of the sharks and the feeling of hopelessness.


Mark: Any and all of the Omen series.  They freak me out!”


Ken: “The Shining has it all: it’s thrilling psychologically, it scares you by jumping out at you, and it makes you question your beliefs.”


Stephanie: IT by Stephen King.  I can’t stand clowns; and this movie reconfirmed that fact.


Bethany: “My mom convinced me to go see What Lies Beneath.  And I held her hand through the whole thing…despite the fact that I was 17 years old!”


Lisa: “I don’t watch scary movies. They’re too scary!”


Steve: “The Wizard of Oz…those flying monkeys always freak me out.”

Andrea: “Hands down, Dawn of the Dead. Zombies get me every time!”


Tell us: Which scary movie do YOU find most frightening and why?


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