Events From Down Under

This fall, Mark flew halfway around the globe to produce an event in Melbourne, Australia. He didn’t bring back souvenirs, but he did have some tips for planning and producing an event in “the land down under”…

Pre Production and Preparations

  • Brush up on your metric conversions …or find a conversion chart!
  • Since their night is our day (15 – 18 hour time difference), try sending information in big packets of data rather than relying on back and forth communication. 
  • Bring “creature comforts” with you

o   Little work lights

o   Support stockings that promote healthy circulation during the plane ride. They prevent your feet from going numb and also reduce potential for blood clots.

o   Ambien to help you sleep and get accustomed to the time difference



  • Available technology is limited (i.e. moving lights and LEDs aren’t as available as they are in the U.S.).
  • Need that cutting edge technology?  Significant pre-planning is needed to get the equipment into Australia. (It will likely come from mainland Asia or the U.S.)
  • Remember the little touches that can tie your event to its location (i.e. voice-overs in an Aussie accent or using music popular to the region).



  • The Australian people have a laid back nature. As Mark recalls, “There is not the same sense of urgency that we have at home.”
  • Most Australians are sports fanatics. If you thought Chicago Bears fans were intense, imagine a whole country brimming of them. Nearly every year in the beginning of November, the Melbourne Cup Horse Race consumes the whole country.
  • Other important Australian dates to consider during planning include:

January 26th– Australia Day – Schools and Government offices closed

January – Sydney Arts Festival- Attracts large crowds

February- Perth International Arts Festival – Attracts large crowds

June 8th The Queen’s Birthday – Schools and Government offices closed

July-August – Melbourne Film Festival – Attracts large crowds

Although producing an event half way around the world may present challenges… should the opportunity arise, enjoy the ride! Need more insight into producing an event in Australia? Leave a comment below or call Mark directly.  G’day, mate!


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