One Step at a Time

Each year, Infinium Capital Management hosts an all employee “activity” to kick-off the New Year.  But this year, it was time to create an entirely new experience…so they hired us!  One Smooth Stone recommended a flash mob as a creative way to achieve their teambuilding objectives and to publically introduce their culture to the world. We provided choreography, training and audio production for the flash mob, in addition to stealthily documenting the entire performance with a 6-camera video crew. We were also responsible for transportation to the Field Museum, production of the keynote session in the Simpson Theater, and producing the after party in Stanley Field Hall.

Employees practiced the dance steps on their own for 6 days using the pre-produced training video.  The day of the event, an intense morning of group rehearsals ensued at Infinium’s offices with 20 professional dance instructors and 2 lead choreographers for 4 hours.  They then unobtrusively descended upon Millennium Park skate rink and mingled with the crowd.  On cue, 250 Infinium Capital Management employees, some even on skates, donned fluorescent orange stocking caps as they danced to a custom track for 3 minutes.  To create even more of a spectacle, the performance included 25 additional skaters and several random participants recruited through social media. After the crowd applauded and cheered for the performance, employees made their way to the Field Museum for CEO, Chuck Whitman’s kick-off speech on his vision for 2011 –  “Taking Risks”.  A wonderful celebration followed in Stanley Field Hall complete with a “comfort food” buffet. The experience was a great success, strengthening the Infinium team and casting the vision for the coming year!


3 thoughts on “One Step at a Time

    1. Thanks, Brady! We had 3 weeks to pull it off so it was a little intense. Our client was great to work with and kept up with every detail which contributed to it’s success.

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