Now Introducing…

Emily Rice ~ Intern

A Senior at Wheaton College studying Communication and Biblical /Theological Studies, Emily Rice is a warm and ambitious find out of Katy, Texas.  Emily’s sly sense of humor and magnetic, positive attitude have become an integral part of the office.  As we continue introductions, here are some fun facts about Emily:

What you lookin’ at?…
Emily can cross her eyes in more combinations than there are lottery numbers… her funny faces will provide plenty of crowd-pleasing entertainment!

Where in the world Is Em-Rice?
Emily prides herself on her life experiences, having cruised the Nile River and run a 10K into the Olympic Stadium of 1896 in Athens, Greece.  From hitting Anthropologie at the mall to walking the streets of Peru, Emily doesn’t take life sitting still.

Girls just want to have fun?
Emily can be found spending her free moments scrapbooking.  “It’s the hobby of a middle-aged woman, but I’m not ashamed!”

Watch out for this one…
Emily says you’d never know it to look at her, but she is *incredibly* competitive.  Emily states that she got this from her father, and has a particular memory of being four years old and chucking Candy Land games pieces at him after a particularly hard loss. These memories are not exactly recorded in her scrapbook…

Musical Expertise…
Emily’s current favorite song lyric is “Fun, fun, fun, fun…” from Rebecca Black’s sensational You Tube music video, “Friday”.  “It speaks to my generation in an incredibly poetic and meaningful way,” says Emily.  Simon Cowell had better watch his top-critic position on X-Factor… Em Rice may be taking over!


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