Method To The Madness

March Madness is in full swing!  Tensions were high at One Smooth Stone as we filled out brackets hoping to secure bragging rights.  From die-hard sports fans to mascot enthusiasts, we’ve got quite the range of team-picking philosophies here at One Smooth Stone.

So for this month’s One Short Post, we asked participants the secret behind their team selections.

“What method did you use to fill out your March Madness bracket?”

Andrea: “As reigning champion of last year, I went with my gut. That is a fancy way of saying, “I guessed”.


Ken: “I did not fill in a bracket (never have) but had I, I would have allowed my pet octopus pick my teams.”


Elizabeth: “ I know nothing about sports teams, so just picked at random.  Perhaps I will do some research next year…”

Brad: “As an NCAA basketball junkie, I watched 100’s of games, created a strength of schedule matrix that led me to pick the soon to be National Champs—Kansas Jayhawks.  Rock Chalk!”


Kevin: ” I used the GTTH method (gun to the head). I only had 10 minutes before the first tip off.”


Barb: “ I used a very systematic way of filling out the bracket – I asked my son to do it for me.”



Megan: “I didn’t play this year, but one year I just filled out my bracket by picking whatever teams the newspaper predicted to win…and I won the whole thing!”


Gary: “I spent hours researching each team’s pre-game ritual and eating habits.  I calculated their total caloric intake and burn rate to see how long each team would last.”


Emily: “I contacted the men in my life and sought their advice. In the end if I win it all, I have them to thank!”


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