Now Introducing…

Elizabeth Oppriecht ~ Project Coordinator
A graduate of The Graduate School at Northwestern University, Elizabeth comes to us straight out of the world of Event Marketing, where she freelanced for three years as an Event Manager.   Elizabeth brings her vast experience in the Experiential Marketing world to One Smooth Stone and is eager to expand the company portfolio with her innovative eye on street team, pop-up store, and national marketing projects.   This was Elizabeth on paper, but what we really wanted to know were the fun facts:

One Smooth Stone’s very own Dr. Doolittle?
One of Elizabeth’s masked talents is her ability to communicate with animals. Having charmed snakes and vicious cats alike, we attribute this skill to her disarming demeanor and love of all creatures.

Around the world…
An avid traveler, Elizabeth has ventured the globe in search of adventure. Her top stories include capturing ghostly images while snorkeling in Mexico, Leprechaun encounters in Ireland, and wandering the Philosopher’s walk in Japan.

Just another day at work…
Elizabeth was a Subway Sandwich Artist, a practicing Child and Family Therapist and spent a brief stint as a movie critic before venturing into the world of marketing.   Her vast array of skills, passions and versatility will suit her well at One Smooth Stone.

You can’t always get you want…
But when it comes to seeing the Rolling Stones live, Elizabeth can! This RS fanatic has seen the iconic band in concert 4 times, and remembers fondly when the band’s stadium-height Elvis blimp took a stroll over the crowd.

Need a laugh?
Elizabeth is a graduate of Chicago’s own Second City, an improvisation training program which boasts such graduates as Stephen Colbert, Mike Myers, and Tina Fey… just to name a few.  Outside of her own comedy antics, Elizabeth loves attending improv shows, plays and live music downtown, giving special mention to places like I.O. and The Underground Wonderbar.


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