Blake DeYoung ~ Project Coordinator

A graduate of Calvin College, Blake brings his background in Media Production to the One Smooth Stone repertoire.  Arriving just over a month ago, Blake has already traveled with us to Florida and made significant contributions on several shows.  We were eager to welcome Blake, and dove right in to getting to know the “good stuff” about our new-hire:

Baby Daddy!

Blake and his wife just celebrated their two-year anniversary and are newly expectant parents!  Blake tells of their first couple dates being a true challenge, due to the distance between them; Blake was living in MI, while Brooke was in IL.  Brooke’s parents would not allow her to travel alone to see Blake, so Brooke’s mom came along to on their first date to a Gavin DeGraw concert.  Humorously, when an eager audience member began to take her shirt off and throw it onto the stage, Blake found his future mother-in-law covering his eyes to block him from seeing her.  Their second date, with Brooke’s father in tow, was a little less eventful.

Beer me!

Among talents such as wiggling his ears and cooking feta-stuffed chicken, Blake’s greatest talent is making craft beer.  Blake recently shared his Pumpkin Ale and Chocolate Irish Stout with the office, solidifying his position at the company for years to come.

Say, cheese!

Once paid to simply stand in the hallway and smile at moviegoers, Blake says that his work-life before One Smooth Stone bordered on “dull”.  Blake also served as an untrained tour guide for Calvin College, often getting into trouble for the “untrained” things he’d say, but leading students to the school based on his dynamic personality.

From Californian to Cowboy…

Blake LOVES country music.  After hearing his favorite song lyric, “God is great, beer is good, and people are crazy,” Blake uploaded the song and claims to have listened to it 50 times.  Yee haw!

Go jump… or …  ride a bucket off a cliff!

On assignment in Ecuador, Blake went to true extremes for B-roll video footage. He and his team entered a large, bucket-like contraption, suspended on a wire less than 1 in. thick and controlled solely by one man’s feet.   They then took a death-defying ride along the cliff wall to capture magnificent images of the canyon.  Now that’s nerves of steel!


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