One Short Post: How do you, “beat the heat”?

The heat index is inching towards 100 degrees this week, making it clear that summer has arrived. With a heat wave in full swing, One Smooth Stone wants to know how you “beat the heat”. We may not have extinguished the Miami Heat this basketball season, but it is not too late to show show mother nature what we’ve got.
Check out the ways some of our Stonies “beat the heat” during these scorchers, and leave a comment with your best suggestion!

How do you “beat the heat”?

Andrea: “Slurpees! Cherry coke flavored of course.”

Blake: “I fill up the kiddie pool in the back yard, then I relax in it with a cold drink!”

Ken: “I travel in only air conditioned planes and helicopters.”

Megan: “I LOVE the heat! But when it gets unbearable there’s nothing better than some time in the pool.”

Barb: “A large glass of iced tea by my side all day long.”

Joanne: “Taking a dip in our pool and enjoying iced coffee, or better yet homemade smoothies!”

Brad: “I get my run in during the early morning instead of over lunch.”

Lisa: “Honestly, I try to stay in the air-conditioning!”

Kevin: “Shade and shades…with an Arnold Palmer near by.”

Mark: “I remember back to the cold and dark days of February!”

Elizabeth: “I’m a Pisces.  If there’s water around, I’m in it!”

Stephanie: “Pack up the kids and head to the pool!”

Gary: “I’m in the pool up to my ears!”

Kimberly: “Jump on my bike and create my own breeze!”


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