One Smooth Stone Gives Back: Loaves and Fishes

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On June 17th of this year, employees from One Smooth Stone continued the company’s tradition of “giving back” by donating the afternoon to the Naperville-based food pantry, “Loaves & Fishes”.

Founded in 1984, “Loaves & Fishes” has been helping those in need to connect with local food, education and counseling resources within their community for years. Recently relocated, “Loaves & Fishes” has expanded their inventory to include meats, fresh fruits, dairy products and vegetables, with the hopes of contributing to a well-balanced diet for their clients.  This May they were able to assist 6,209 people, a remarkable feat.

One Smooth Stone’s efforts came at an ideal time for the pantry, as they were preparing for their “Day Without Hunger” event, taking place the next day.   Over 500 people participated in this event, which the pantry touts as a “celebration of community spirit, collaboration and hope”.  Our staff assisted with room and tent organization, cleaning of the facility and preparation of activities, including the pantry’s touching “Day Without Hunger” photo-montage.

If you would like to learn more about “Loaves & Fishes”, you can obtain information and make donations by clicking HERE. We are grateful that we were able to serve the community in this way, and look forward to more opportunities!


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