The Use of Social Media at Events

One Smooth Stone’s Kimberly Medaglia recently attended “Social Marketing to the Business Consumer”, a workshop given by Eric Schwartzman at the Event Marketing Summit.  Sharing ideas from his recently published book, Eric provided practical ways to use social media to market events, all of which are cost-effective and could be implemented immediately.  The key to using social media applications is, simply, communicating about the use of the technologies and encouraging event attendees to use them.  Here are just a few ways Eric recommended leveraging social media sites:

Four Square

Register your event and its various sessions on Four Square, allowing attendees to “check-in”.  These “check-ins” are then posted on additional social media sites.


Create a podcast of key speakers which can be posted immediately to a social media site (or to your company website) for download through iTunes.


The “Like” button lets a user share your content with friends on Facebook.  When the user clicks the “Like” button on your site, a story appears in the user’s friends’ News Feed with a link back to your website.  Register your event and its sessions, so people can choose to “Like” it, garnering more exposure for your event.


HootSuite is a very broad application, but the most intriguing feature is “Track Results.”  This allows you to measure all activity from your social media efforts in one place.  HootSuite offers an insightful download on the ROI of social media:


Fun Fact

Did you know the most people are on Twitter at 2pm Thursdays (EST), and the majority of Twitter users are on the East Coast?


If you want to dig deeper, check out Eric’s book Social Marketing to the Business Marketer.  It is the only book to address social media applications that is geared towards a business-to-business audience.  You can download a chapter for free at:


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