Kevin Olsen Named Chairman of the MPI Foundation

The MPI Foundation is dedicated to bringing vision and prosperity to the global meeting and event community.  Kevin Olsen, after serving for seven years in various roles with the MPI Foundation, including its executive committee, started his first responsibilities as the new chair for 2011-2012 fiscal year at MPI’s 2011 World Education Conference (WEC) in Orlando. Fresh from WEC, we spoke with Kevin about his new role:

Tell us about your role as Chairman.

“Like any leadership role, it will require time, effort and planning.  Our board and council members are incredibly experienced and talented industry veterans, so my primary role will be to align our collective efforts around a common vision, message and outcome.  I also look forward to growing the awareness of the continued investments by the MPI Foundation which further a more prosperous industry.”

What is your vision for your term?

“I want to be a part of an industry that’s strong – even bullish. One that drives change and innovation within organizations and is known for strategic relevance and compelling returns on its investments.

I want our industry to find its voice so that we won’t be marginalized by politicians who speak out of ignorance, not knowing the economic impact our industry delivers, or by corporate leaders who have never galvanized an audience to achieve greatness through the POWER of business theatre.

I want to be part of a smart community, where members can connect the dots between their ‘to do’ lists and the business outcomes that are achieved.

And, finally, I want to be part of a community that’s benevolent and caring, helping those in need. ”

What makes the MPI Foundation unique?

“We invest back into MPI and our industry.  In the last 2 years alone, we’ve invested nearly $2.5 million in results-oriented initiatives, research and scholarships.  We don’t have an endowment.  We invest all the resources given by our Thought Leaders, Pioneers and Contributors every year in order to strengthen our global meeting and events community.”

I heard the MPI Foundation is having an event at IMEX America?

“It’s going to be THE networking event of IMEX AMERICA.  It will be a night of PURE entertainment and PURE fun at the hottest nightclub in America with tons of Hosted Buyers!   There will also be ‘VIP private room’ opportunities for sponsors.  With four different venues within the club, killer views and a vibe you only find in Vegas, we’ve already had an overwhelming response for this event at PURE in Caesar’s Palace on October 12.”

Sounds like a not-to-miss event…anything else?

“It’s an honor to lead such a talented and experienced group of leaders.  These collective efforts can be so significant to the industry.  It’s cool to see this kind of passion focused around a singular purpose.”

We look forward to supporting Kevin as he takes on these new responsibilities and can’t wait to see what his leadership brings to the MPI Foundation!


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