One Smooth Stone’s Spin on an Office Olympics

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The majority of our projects have a common goal: helping our clients drive home an important message.  When recently approached to assist with the planning and execution of a client’s “Office Olympics”, we were happy to drive home the most important message of all:  Enjoy those you work with, and HAVE FUN!!

With just over a week to deliver, the Olympics arrived quickly and came filled with adrenaline-pumping events.  From Human Bowling to Human Curling participants will never again utter the phrase “just another day at the office”.  (See photos above for the amazing ice-block seats.)

Forewarned that this was not the day to “dress for success”, employees arrived dressed for a mess and left covered in head-to-toe whipping cream from the pie-tossing activity.  Food, friends and frivolity — this event came complete with all the ingredients for a good time.  And we had a GREAT time delivering it!

Fun fact:  In a highly scientific research experiment conducted before the event, it was determined that Cool-Whip beats Redi-Whip as the best ingredient for pie-throwing.  Not only is it more cost-effective, but it is also more dense and easier to aim.


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