Coffee Snobs

Morning tasks at One Smooth Stone vary from day to day, but one thing is a constant. Coffee. A daily “cup o’ jo” is needed before getting to work, and a few Stonies have even become self professed “coffee snobs.” Being producers in profession and at heart, there was only thing to do. Produce a blind coffee taste test, of course!

Mark and Andrea decided to mix up the Monday morning staff meeting and conduct a taste test with three popular coffee brands.

This local Chicago roaster works along side farmers 365 days a year to develop coffee from the source to the cup. Intelligencia strives to “continuously expand economic opportunity and culinary possibility” in the coffee business. We love their passion, well thought out process and attention to detail.

Caribou Coffee
Caribou describes themselves as “a company that believes excellence is a product of hard work, and that life is too short for anything else” That’s an ideal One Smooth Stone can get behind! Just down the street from the office is a Caribou that has long provided delicious coffee and friendly service.

When Blake is in the office chances are high he will bring up CostCo in conversation at least once daily. Being a practical and cost effective option, Kirkland rounded out our taste test, and satisfied Blake’s CostCo obsession.

Andrea and Mark conducting the Blind Coffee Taste Test of 2012!
After all of the coffee was poured, tasted, and ranked the winner was clear. Almost unanimously Stonies chose Caribou Coffee!

One Smooth Stone would like to thank all of the participants. We are grateful for companies who take pride in their product, and provide excellent customer service. Special thanks to our local Caribou baristas for their help and friendly service.

What did we learn?
– Producers will find a way to produce ANYTHING
– A medium blend will please both weak and strong coffee drinkers alike

What coffee gets you going in the morning?


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