The Impact of the 4K Screen on the Audience Experience

The ultra HD 4K screen is the latest in a series of increasingly higher resolution consumer products being unveiled at high-profile venues such as the Consumer Electronics Show. Unlike the 3-D TV, chances are the 4K screen is here to stay. 4K televisions offer richer, more intense colors – so much so that some say the experience is similar to 3-D. More and more television shows are being offered in 4K, which is likely to drive up demand. But 4K is not just a consumer phenomenon; 4K can also make your business marketing more memorable.

The impact of the 4K screen on the audience experience doesn’t end at the latest season of House of Cards. Businesses will be capitalizing on 4K screens to create an even more immersive user experience, in a world that’s always looking for more immersion. For large, technology-based companies that need to maintain a place on the cutting edge, filming company events, programming, and advertising in 4K may begin relatively soon, if not already. However, all companies can benefit from being aware of the potential impact of the 4K screen on the audience experience.


Having 4K screens available in-store or during sales meetings has the potential to be a valuable sales tool. Especially now, while the technology is new, 4K screens display a striking, eye-catching level of detail.  4K technology essentially gives you the chance to make your case while you have the attention of your audience.


4K monitors may have a major impact on how online events are experienced. In this day and age, online events are more common and effective than ever, but keeping your audience engaged over virtual space can be difficult. The ultra HD monitor may have a big impact on your online audience’s experience by making online events and advertising more engrossing.

Implications for Filming

Recording has certainly become continually less forgiving as time goes on. The sheer level of detail that 4K screens are able to display means that filmmakers will have to make some adjustments to truly take advantage of the technology. In 4K, every detail is displayed starkly: stands of hair, the details on badges, or the writing on newspapers can all be seen or read. Consequently, recording needs to be done with a mind to being displayed on an ultra HD screen.

Many consumers are holding off on buying ultra HD screens, waiting until more programming is available, prices go down, and it’s clear whether the technology will stick. Undoubtedly, many businesses will take the same approach. Yet even if you’re not ready to adapt 4K technology for your business, it helps to be aware of the impact of the 4K screen on the audience experience. The technology presents both an opportunity for use, as well as a challenge as consumers become more accustomed to completely immersive experiences.

This post was originally published on the One Smooth Stone blog on February 4, 2014. For a complimentary 30-minute consultation on how to build your brand and inspire an audience through events and communications, please contact Brian Duffy by calling 630.427.4235 or by emailing


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