Five Habits of Highly Creative People

Creative people often seem notably different. They approach problems from a different vantage point, and they get better results. Creativity isn’t just an inborn trait, though. It’s also a virtue that anyone can take steps to develop. Here are some of the habits of highly creative people.

Habit 1: Developing a Creative Routine

Highly creative people don’t wait for inspiration to strike. Instead, they make sure they are in situations where they will have the opportunity to create. Doing so can mean different things for different people. For example, many writers and artists make it a habit to work for a certain amount of time, at a particular time of day, regardless of whether they feel like doing so or not. The feeling of inspiration is fleeting, but a disciplined routine means creative people keep working even when inspiration is not intense. There is still room for spontaneity, but creativity will not flourish without routine and discipline alongside it.

Habit 2: Cultivating Curiosity

Curiosity is a key trait of highly creative people. Creative people are not content to accept things at face value. They want to know why things are the way they are and how they got that way. They consistently seek out new information and new experiences, like talking to new people and trying new activities, or just looking at a problem from a different perspective. Learning new information and taking steps to change your point of view will stimulate creativity.

Habit 3: Observing the World

Creative people are constantly observing the world around them. They look at the natural world, architecture, how people interact with one another, and how they use different products. Being truly present in the moment, and taking a step back to observe rather than act, allows creative people to gain insight and inspiration, which can fuel creative work. Careful observation also helps creative people to truly understand the world around them, which helps ensure that what they create is authentic and relatable.

Habit 4: Acting with Passion

Highly creative people are not content to be passive or to do things halfway; they believe that anything worth doing is worth doing all the way. Creative people commit fully to their projects, and passionately work to make sure that the result is excellent. Part of the key to acting with passion is to choose work which truly inspires you.

Habit 5: Being Resilient

Failure and creativity go hand in hand. Behind every beautiful piece of art is a trail of mediocre work, all of which was essential for the artist’s development. The difference between a successful artist (or speaker, or businessperson) is the ability to accept one’s failures, learn from one’s mistakes, and get up and try again. Resilience is one of the most essential habits of highly creative people.

What steps do you take to boost your creativity? Share in the comments!

This post was originally published on the One Smooth Stone blog on June 11, 2015. For a complimentary 30-minute consultation on how to build your brand and inspire an audience through events and communications, please contact Brian Duffy by calling 630.427.4235 or by emailing


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