Awesome Visual Storytelling Tools

Anyone who thinks just throwing together a few PowerPoint slides is the key to telling a great story at a presentation doesn’t really get the point of engaging an audience. With the number of excellent, easy-to-use tools available for adding visual elements to a speaking engagement, there’s no excuse for creating a boring presentation. Check out a few fun solutions that will bring your presentation to life.


If you have trouble translating fantastic ideas onto PowerPoint slides, Projeqt is a useful tool for boosting the visual impact of your presentation. The solution is especially helpful for presentations that you intend to be non-linear in nature. Instead of following the bullet-pointed slides, you want to allow for some flexibility and audience participation in presenting the material.

In addition, Projeqt features an easy function for dragging material from multiple sites and inserting it within your presentation content. You can even incorporate live Twitter feeds and blog articles in real time.


Prezi blends the best of PowerPoint and whiteboard technology to make creating presentations easy. Plus, it incorporates a zoomable user interface that enables you to hone in on certain areas of a slide to demonstrate the areas of higher importance.

Prezi includes several templates to work from, or you can start your presentation from scratch. It stores all your material in the cloud so that you can access videos, images, and text from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Haiku Deck

If you develop your presentation in the style of a pitch deck, Haiku Deck is the answer to Instagram for this format. Its simplicity and ease of use are what set this tool apart from the others. Haiku Deck has all the functions you expect from a presentation tool that focuses on visual excellence, including themes, access to stock photos and graphics. Plus, you can easily import and edit images from social media and online storage platforms.


Touch, drag and tap your way to a stunning presentation with the Keynote platform, which operates on all Apple devices. This application is one of the best for presenting charts, as animation and even 3D effects will really help you make sense of the numbers for your audience. Another feature helpful to presenters is the timer function, which you can set to start counting as you transition to each slide. You can easily pace yourself and stay focused on the material.

Because Keynote is iCloud-based, you can access your presentation from anywhere, adding details and continuing where you left off. There’s a remote control feature available as well if you tend to roam while speaking.

Do you have an excellent visual storytelling tool you like to use in presentations? We’d love to hear your advice in the comments!

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