Great speakers: Robyn Benincasa and the Art of Inspiration


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Some speakers inspire you at an event through their powerful presentation skills and eloquent choice of words. And then there is Robyn Benincasa, who relies on her personal story to make you want to make the world a better place. She’s used her experience as a competitive adventure racer to inspire people to do things they never thought possible. Here is why she is a speaker who inspires:

From Endurance Athlete to Best-Selling Author and Speaker

Benincasa didn’t become a world-renowned presenter by attending classes on how to motivate others: everything she knows about inspiration she learned during her career as a world champion adventure racer, dealing with extreme conditions and pushing her body to its limits.

  • She’s competed in almost 40 adventure racing events, including multi-sport, multi-day endurance events.
  • In competitions, Benincasa’s biked through the jungle, climbed the Himalayas, trekked across lava fields, and rafted white-water rapids.
  • She’s earned multiple world championship titles in various events.

It’s All About Teamwork 

Through all her endurance events, and to this day as an author and presenter, Benincasa has fully recognized the importance of teamwork. She strives to motivate others. In turn, she is inspired by those around her who may be dealing with adversity – whether it’s a seemingly insurmountable mountain to be climbed or an illness.

Benincasa founded the Project Athena Foundation, a nonprofit formed to help women with medical conditions achieve their athletic dreams and thrive despite hardship. She knows that it’s important to inspire others to overcome adversity by thinking as one and maintaining a united front.

When delivering presentations in the corporate setting, Benincasa emphasizes that group synergy is necessary to raising teams to the next level, despite professional and personal roadblocks. She inspires groups through her approach to leadership:

  • Seeing colleagues as team members rather than other employees.
  • Remaining flexible, while maintaining focus on the goal.
  • Bringing order to situations and establishing roles to achieve objectives.
  • Striving for excellence, not just following rules.
  • Respect for yourself and team members, with an appreciation for the consequences of actions.

By keeping these concepts in mind, leaders are empowered to keep their team together because they want to – not because it’s in their job description.

Embrace Change Instead of Fighting It

Benincasa also stresses that professional and personal success are measured by how well people respond to change, especially when the new situations present unique challenges. She’s certainly in a position to know how our reactions in the face of adversity can make or break a situation; Benincasa dealt with a wide range of conditions during her 15+ years competing as a professional adventurer racer, but didn’t allow them to affect her performance. Leading through times of great turbulence means hoping for success, not fearing failure. Challenges aren’t roadblocks, but rather sources of inspiration.

Who are you inspired by in speaking engagements or presentations? Tell us a few other inspiring speakers we should know about!

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