Interesting Ways to Sponsor an Event

Sponsored by stamp

Event planners often need sponsors to recoup their budget costs, and sponsors often need events to raise their profile. And event sponsorships have become a lot more interesting since the days when branding meant putting a sponsor’s logo on a keychain. Check out a few options that will have sponsors lining up to participate:

Invite sponsors to host a class during social breaks. Brains need a break amid highly informative events. So use the time in between sessions to teach skills that have nothing to do with work. Companies can sponsor classes on such topics as cooking, dancing, painting or other crafts. Make sure to limit the sessions to 15-20 minutes so that attendees have time to catch up on email and check voicemail after the lesson.

Today’s events mandate a mobile app. You’ll still need print materials and literature for the crowd, but developing a mobile app is becoming a necessity for event planners. Attendees don’t want to be lugging around printed programs when they can access schedules, area information, transportation options and session agendas on their smartphone or tablet. Participants love the convenience of the app, but it’s also a valuable tool for sponsors to gain exposure. They can invest in a splash page or support certain features, like maps or public transportation functions.

Arrange a photo booth sponsor. Photo booths are great for networking and ice breaker social functions. Have your sponsor set up the booths for in-between sessions, where colleagues can grab funny props and bond over making faces. Consider making the experience social by uploading images to your Twitter feed, mobile app and website. And, of course, include the sponsor’s logo at the bottom of the photos as they’re uploaded or developed.

Display a Twitter Wall. This type of display is an excellent way to engage attendees and get them to become part of event conversations. Twitter Wall solutions allow you to filter through live tweets, and select those you find relevant and compelling. You can then post them during presentations, alongside Q&A sessions or during breaks. Sponsorships can help event planners fund this technology, and companies gain from valuable logo placement opportunities.

Develop a QR-code game. Event attendees love a challenge, especially one that offers a prize for the winner. They can scan materials and get a clue that leads them to the booth of the company sponsoring the link. The best format for these games is one that requires the participant to directly interact with representatives of the sponsoring company – such as asking a question or receiving a product demonstration.

Would you like to share additional innovative ideas for sponsorships? Have you found success with unusual opportunities and plan to use them again? Let us know what you think.

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