Making History Come Alive at Events


Drawing upon history can help make your event more memorable even if your event does not coincide with an important historical moment. History can be fascinating and engaging when presented with an unexpected spin, which means participants take away more than just industry or job-related information. Here are some ways to make history come alive:

Develop your event theme around a historical occurrence. Every city has experienced an incident of historical significance. The Declaration of Independence was signed in Philadelphia. Cleveland and Memphis can lay claim to being the birthplace of rock and roll. Incorporating historical significance into your event can be a powerful form of storytelling.

Present a session at a historical landmark. Instead of hosting the entire event at the primary venue you’ve picked, considering scheduling presentations at a local historical site. You’re likely to find both indoor and outdoor options to hold these sessions and make things more interesting for attendees. If you’re in San Antonio, consider having a dinner at the Alamo; when in St. Louis, consider a Gateway Arch Riverboat charter. There are plenty of options for local museums, parks and museums for an interesting diversion.

Serve up history during breaks. With some creativity, you can even develop a break around historical facts. You don’t have to get as extravagant as the last meal served on the Titanic, but you can find a food theme of significance to the region. Many cities are known for their contributions to culinary history, so find a way to tie their dishes to your event. Or consider something more inventive, such as having actors portraying historical characters mingle with your guests. Surprise and delight event goers in Memphis by having Elvis make an unexpected appearance.

Create a quiz with prizes. Give your event attendees an incentive to learn more about history by doing a trivia quiz, offering prizes to the winners. Develop the content around a theme, such as the history of an industry product, the early life of a key innovator, or how a revolutionary product changed the world. Imagine quizzing event goers in Silicon Valley about famous innovations in history from visionaries such as Steve Jobs. Use social media or your event’s mobile app to help participants find clues, research topics and submit their answers to quiz questions.

Do you incorporate historical angles when planning your events? How have you made history a central theme to engage participants?

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