Pinterest: The Event Planner’s New Best Friend

It’s likely that you’ve incorporated such platforms as LinkedIn and Twitter as part of your show organization strategy. Have you taken a close look at Pinterest? You need to be promoting your event where potential show attendees are hanging out, and Pinterest is one of the most influential social networks to get your event in front of the right people.

Pinterest is a platform that’s driven by images, which are powerful tools in conveying a message when compared to text-based content. This social media network allows users to create themed “boards” that include images they like from other users’ boards and the Internet. While many turn to Pinterest for entertainment, you’ll see that it can also be a powerful tool for event planners.

 Pinterest can be an excellent source of inspiration. While you’re still early in the planning stages, you can use Pinterest to research ideas for food, themes, decorations and entertainment. The photos help you visualize how your event will look, while re-pins and likes will give you an understanding of how well your ideas will be received by attendees. A few examples include “5 Event Planning Tips for a Tiny a Budget,” “7 Must Have Apps for Event Planners,” and “15 Creative Ways to Serve Drinks.”

You can use the platform to promote your event. Another way to incorporate PInterest into your event is through promotional efforts. You’re probably already using platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn to spread the word – and Pinterest just another social media site, albeit with a twist in the form of images. You increase exposure for your event every time a user pins or likes your content. Pinterest’s “4 Ways to Use Social Media to Boost Events” is a good source of information.

Incorporate Pinterest’s visual benefits. Visuals convey so much more than text alone. Upload pictures from previous events to generate buzz and increase attendance in the weeks leading up to the convention. Include photos of social events and various presenters to give attendees a taste of what to expect at the upcoming show.

Use Pinterest to distribute event-related content. Before, during and after the event, you can use Pinterest to share relevant content with the site’s users. PowerPoint presentations and Slideshare materials are valuable to attendees, and they’re ideal as pinning content. Using Pinterest to distribute these materials will help you build followers on the social media site. You’ll be able to carve out your own group of loyal users from the 70+ million active Pinners.

When you’re considering ways to incorporate social media into your event, it’s important that you include Pinterest as a go-to tool alongside other platforms. How are you using social media to promote and organize your event? Let us know what you think.

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