How Brands Rock Audience Engagement with GoPro

GoPro’s collection of wearable cameras offers people a convenient way to capture video and images in places where physically holding a device isn’t always practical. The hands-free cameras take their owners on adventures from the highest mountain peaks to the depths of the oceans – and it’s easy to post GoPro videos on Facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms.

But more recently, major brands have realized the marketing potential of GoPro cameras. By now, we all know that video content boosts engagement far beyond what text or still images alone can do. Companies are seizing on that phenomenon and using GoPro to get their audience involved in the content creation process. Here are some ways they’re engaging audiences and building their brands:

Red Bull Soars with Stratos Jump: Red Bull knew all eyes were on Felix Baumgartner when he broke the 52-year-old record for the highest parachute jump, and the company wisely took advantage of opportunity to sponsor the event. As Baumgartner completed his pre-jump checklist and looked down at Earth below him, he stated “I wish you could see what I can see.” In fact, more than eight million viewers did, thanks to numerous GoPro cameras mounted on his flight suit and the capsule floating in the stratosphere.

And what else did they see? The Red Bull logo emblazoned on Baumgartner’s flight suit. The company experienced a 7% increase in sales of its energy drinks and acquired entirely new markets for its products.

GoPro User-Generated Content Helps Companies Build Their Brands: Other companies have partnered with GoPro to capitalize on user-generated content and GoPro’s popularity on social media:

  • Virgin America’s Airborne GoPro Channel Improves the In-Flight Experience: Virgin Airlines recently partnered up with GoPro to offer a new channel that passengers can enjoy during the flight. The Red seatback entertainment system features a dedicated channel for GoPro users to upload and offer content from their cameras. Passengers can watch anything from skydiving to scuba diving on-demand, improving the in-flight experience and driving ticket sales.
  • Xbox 360 GoPro Channel Boosts Community through Exclusivity: Users of the Xbox home entertainment system also gain the benefits of a channel entirely dedicated to GoPro user-generated content. The companies teamed up to develop an Xbox GoPro channel that can only be accessed by owners of the system; however, they must also be members of the Xbox Gold Live community. People love to be part of an exclusive group and have access to the benefits, and Xbox has capitalized on this human want to build its brand.

The list of companies using GoPro in their marketing strategies gets longer almost every day – and for good reason. Video, especially user-generated content, engages your target audience like no other format. Have you seen other uses of GoPro by major brands? We’d like to hear what you think.

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