How Brands Delight Audiences with Periscope

Periscope, Twitter’s live streaming app, has been generating a considerable amount of buzz since its launch in March 2015. With more than 10 million downloads, Periscope has made many brands realize that the app offers significant opportunities to engage audiences in timely, relevant ways. Periscope allows users to catch a live stream of an event, such as a product release, company announcement, or educational session up to 24 hours after it takes place. Brands can use the app to create a more personal connection with their audiences by offering real-time access to the events that matter to them. Here are some examples:

  1. Marc Jacobs: Fashion brands can use Periscope to give consumers an exclusive peek into their upcoming shows, like Marc Jacobs did recently for the company’s Pre-Summer 16 clothing launch. The app also included a Q&A session with the designer, giving followers the opportunity to hear more about the inspiration, fabrics and materials behind the new collection.
  1. Red Bull: This energy drink brand incorporated the Q&A format for a recent Periscope event, which featured skydiver and BASE jumper Felix Baumgartner. The conversation was ideally targeted to engage Red Bull’s primary demographic of extreme sports athletes and adventurists. Other usage of Periscope includes the Red Bull Guest House, which was featured at arts and music festivals. Fest-goers could head to the tent and participate in the live stream.
  1. Wendy’s: YouTube stars Rhett & Link were featured in Wendy’s Periscope promotional efforts, which focused on the fast food chain’s summer beverages. Followers were invited to live chat with the comedy and entertainment duo, asking questions, and offering input on past videos. Rhett & Link then incorporated the conversations into skits for their video channel. The campaign was so successful that the site became overwhelmed by users seeking to participate.
  1. General Electric: GE developed a peek-behind-the-curtain Periscope feed consisting of a #Droneweek campaign that presented a live video stream taken from a GE drone flying over some of oil and gas properties. The use of Periscope is one of many ways GE taps into digital to demonstrate its innovative thinking.
  1. Benefit Cosmetics: This makeup company has drawn a huge crowd by using Periscope to engage users of its products. Benefit invites its own artists and other respected makeup professionals to host Q&A sessions on how to achieve certain looks with cosmetics and the advantages of skin care. The brand also features live streaming video tutorials to show products in action.
  1. HBO: Although the Manny Pacquiao v. Floyd Mayweather event didn’t need much hype beyond the buzz it was generating in the sports and betting news channels, HBO used Periscope to generate additional interest. The cable channel used the app to deliver a live stream feed inside Pacquiao’s dressing room to view the pre-fight activities.

Even in its infancy, Periscope is proving that technology plays an important role in engaging your targeting audience and creating a personalized experience. Are you currently using Periscope to reach and interact with your potential customers? We’d like to hear your experience.

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