Giving Back: Ways to Do Good with Events


Giving back through an event is an ideal way to make a difference in your community without having to organize a charity drive or other initiative. The following ways to give back through your events offer the charitable element that you desire, creating a more memorable, meaningful experience for the event coordinators and attendees alike.

Offer an admission discount for making a contribution. Give event attendees the ability to get a break on the price of admission or tickets by making some sort of contribution to a local charity. For example, you might want to offer a ticket discount if attendees bring a canned good for the town’s food drive. Consider charitable contributions that will make the biggest impact on the local community and that are fitting with the current season. For instance, with the wintry holiday season upon us, outerwear clothing drive may be preferable.

Include donation stations throughout the event. There are a number of charities that are set up to receive donations with a simple click of a button. Set up computer or tablet kiosks at the event to make it quick and easy for attendees to make a donation in between other happenings. Mentioning the option to give to a charity in the pre-event advertising and other event materials will boost exposure for the charity and, consequently, the amount of donations that you receive during the event. Whenever possible, seek out a local charity to partner with for your upcoming event. If you’re looking for more options, visit Charity Click Donation.

Staff the event with volunteers from a local charity and donate their “wages” back to the charity. You can recruit volunteers from a local charity to fill positions ranging from stuffing gift bags before the event to taking coats during the event. Work out a reasonable hourly “wage” for the volunteers, and then instead of paying them outright, donate the earnings back to the charity. You’ll get the work that you need done while giving back to the community.

Donate the centerpieces to a charity once the event is over. Are you holding an event that includes a sit-down dinner or other element that would be enhanced with beautiful centerpieces on the tables? You have lots of ways to create interesting, visually appealing centerpieces that you’ll be able to donate later, ranging from live plants to toys. For example, you can donate floral centerpieces to a church for their weekend services or masses or you can donate bowls full of green apples to a soup kitchen.

Donate the empty bottles and cans. Undoubtedly, attendees will be consuming bottled and canned drinks during the course of the event. After the event, have a local charity pick up the recycled goods and exchange them for cash at a nearby recycling center.

Finally, the sky is the limit when it comes to ways to give back through your events. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and devise other ways to give back that are appropriate for your given event and that will enhance it naturally without coming off as gimmicky or pushy.

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