Have You Tried These Technologies at Your Event?


As 2015 draws to a close, it’s time to take a look at some of the event technologies that are helping planners make the show experience more enjoyable for attendees. From streamlined management to mobile app development to audience engagement tools, these are some of the nominees for best event technology of the year.

CVENT Event Management/CrowdCompass. This platform encompasses tools that help planners manage an entire event lifecycle, from early development stages to wrap up. The CrowdCompass app can assist with finding an unusual venue, establishing a budget, and managing promotional efforts – all designed to create an engaging, interactive experience for event attendees. Tools include beacons, maps, messaging and social sharing features. Measuring success and ROI year-round is made easier with metrics solutions.

EventsAIR. A cloud-based solution, EventsAIR takes an innovative approach to event registration for attendees: they can sign up and handle all aspects of registration from a responsive-designed mobile app. For event planners, the technology assists with tasks such as website development, presenter management, logistics, accommodations and agenda building. There are also tools for seating and exhibition floor plan management.

a2zShow. This event management solution handles all the common tasks involved with putting on a show, but its robust marketing tools set it apart from other technologies. Planners can grow event attendance and revenue by boosting registrations, attracting top exhibitors, and demonstrating value for attendees. a2zShow improves productivity with its back-office workflows, and increases online exposure for presenters and sponsors to enhance engagement.

Catchbox. Educational sessions are more engaging when the audience participates in the conversations, though sometimes interaction can be limited by the size of the space or other physical factors. Catchbox overcomes these challenges in a fun way, as it’s a throwable microphone that can be tossed around the crowd to gather input and accept questions. The device is tough enough to withstand long passes and drops, with sensors that track motion and automatically shut down audio upon impact. This feature ensures top quality audio for conferences, shows, and panel discussions.

Brojure. The technology behind Brojure is intended to support the visual storytelling component of event sessions and presentations. The cloud-based solution helps planners develop and promote marketing efforts, including brand building, luxury experiences and event apps.

Periscope. This app allows event managers to stream live video of the activities taking place at shows. Those who aren’t present can enjoy sessions, networking events and keynote presentations. In-person attendees can become part of the story by appearing on the video feed. The content engages the audience by providing real-time access to the events that matter most to them. (My colleague Steve Koppel discusses Periscope in more detail on a recent One Smooth Blog post, “How Brand Delight Audiences with Periscope.”)

You are likely to hear these company names and others as their technologies become more popular. What solutions are you incorporating into your event planning strategy? Have we left any companies off the list? Please feel free to share.

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