How SlideShare Can Rock Your Presentations

slidesharelogoDo you post your presentations on SlideShare? If not, you should. SlideShare, the premier destination for posting presentations publicly, is an effective platform to increase visibility for that stellar presentation you just delivered at an event. By employing SlideShare effectively, you can maximize exposure for the content you’ve worked so hard to create for events, whether you’re delivering an annual shareholder talk or speaking at a conference. To get started, all you need to do is create a personal SlideShare account (unless your business has an official corporate account, in which case it might make sense to share your content there, especially if your business has a large base of followers). After you have done so, follow these tips to increase visibility for your presentation:

Incorporate the right keywords to maximize search engine optimization. Create SlideShare presentation content around relevant search terms in your industry, as the platform’s SEO friendliness helps you get keywords to work for your brand. Cisco’s “Troubleshooting Wireless LANs with Centralized Controllers” demonstrates this point perfectly. Content developers seized upon the terms they knew that searchers would input to find out more information on the topic. Cisco packed a double-punch with this SlideShare presentation by using long-form content as well: a longer piece leads viewers to consider the poster as a thought leader.

Use SlideShare’s tagging features to the presentation description. You can heighten visibility for presentations by taking advantage of SlideShare’s tagging feature. Tag up to 20 items related to your subject matter to make your content even more searchable. Make a relevant keyword the first tag in your deck and then choose related tags throughout the slideshow.

Tie Your SlideShare presentation into your LinkedIn profile. SlideShares are just as much a part of a company’s leader’s personality as they are for the brand itself. Including decks on a thought leader’s LinkedIn profile enables you to highlight presentations, projects and other content with all your connections on LinkedIn, which owns SlideShare. Plus, it’s simple to do with just a few clicks. On SlideShare, access an existing presentation and go to “My Uploads.” Then, hover your mouse over the deck you’d like to add and click on “Add to profile.”

Include relevant, valuable infographics to engage your audience. Visual content engages your target audience far beyond text alone in any channel, and SlideShare is no different. Infographics that include statistics make the numbers come to life and can make complex topics more consumable by the viewer. Fabernovel’s “GAFAnomics: New Economy, New Rules” includes several slides with statistics on how Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon have significantly changed the face of the global economy.

 Incorporate numbered lists. People like numbered lists, such as how-to’s and industry best practices. An “#” guide to topics gives them an idea of what to expect and how much time they’ll invest in consuming content. Ian Lurie, CEO of Portent, an Internet marketing company, includes numbered lists often in his SlideShare presentations. His “5 Lessons Learned in 20 Years as an Entrepreneur” dedicates several slides to each of the five concepts he covers.

With more than 60 million visits and 120 million page views every month, SlideShare has moved into the Top 150 websites – and those numbers are expected to continue to climb. Have you been using SlideShare to heighten visibility for presentations? We’d love to hear your success stories.

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