How Healthy Habits Keep Event Attendees Alert and Energized

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It is all too easy for event attendees to neglect healthy habits as they bounce from one presentation to another or network over breakfast, lunch and dinner. Oftentimes, your audience is immersed in learning and networking at the expense of their diets and taking care of themselves. But it doesn’t have to be this way, and event organizers can provide better alternatives by incorporating health-focused perks that will resonate with attendees. The key is to make it easy for attendees to mind their health. Following are some ideas to encourage healthy habits during an event. Try them, and your guests will thank you. In fact, event goers will feel rejuvenated and enjoy your show even more:

Provide healthy snacks for attendees. Candy bars, chips and pretzels are tempting snacks to serve during break periods, but they’re overly sweet, salty and fattening. Plus, these snacks can lead to a sugar coma that prevents attendees from getting the most out of informative sessions. Serve up options that are more health conscious, such as veggies with dip, fruit, hummus and nuts. And you can provide healthy food and drinks in surprise-and-delight fashion: what if you were to offer a juice bar to go along with the predictable alcohol and soft drinks served at your networking functions? By giving attendees an alternative to what they expect, you make good health a novel experience.

Use a mid-morning break for a short yoga session. Attendees can use a little pick-me-up around mid-morning. Treat them to an invigorating yoga session to rejuvenate their bodies and minds. Retain an instructor to teach a few basic yoga poses to the group, such as stretching and breathing positions that get the blood pumping.

Include physical activities at social events. Instead of having everyone stand around as they network over drinks and food, incorporate a physical activity for social events. If the location is suitable for outdoor activities, arrange a hike through a park or a bike ride through a nature trail. You can get even more creative, too: for instance, how about having an instructor teach lessons during a networking event?

Arrange for a post-lunch walk at a local attraction. The period after lunch is a tough time to stay alert for many attendees, especially those who have enjoyed a big meal. Draw them out and into the fresh air by scheduling a fun walk in the early afternoon. Even if the schedule does not permit a full-blown exercise period, attendees will welcome the opportunity to take a break and rejuvenate.

Set up massage stations for attendees. Sitting in chairs for presentations and breakout sessions leads to sore backs, necks and shoulders. Help alleviate these aches and pains by retaining massage therapist services to offer massages to attendees in between sessions. Alternatively, you could bring in automatic massage chairs that work on timers so that everyone gets a turn.

Make it easy to be healthy. Sometimes attendees just need a little encouragement to be healthy. For instance, consider placing a healthy treat, such as the Buddy Fruits all-natural fruit snack, on chairs and tables. When you place a healthy eating alternative within easy reach, attendees are more likely to respond.

Invite attendees to share wellness goals on social media for event. People are more inspired to set and meet health-related goals if they have the support of a group. You can use social media to connect attendees, asking them to share their thoughts on wellness, provide tips or tell their own health stories. Another idea is to use Poll Everywhere, a mobile app that allows you to send survey questions by text. You can present the results to motivate the group.

The event experience is more enjoyable for all when you take time to incorporate healthy habits into your agenda. Have you used any of these ideas for your events? What would you add to the list? Please let us know in the comments section.

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