Companies That Rock Employee Rewards


At a time when more people are seeking non-traditional job positions with flexible hours and remote work access, it’s not surprising that companies are working hard to honor employees in different ways. Once upon a time, companies relied on simpler approaches such as holiday bonuses to motivate employees. But today, many employees also respond positively to employers who provide experiences and rewards that allow them to pursue their passions and interests. Here are some examples of companies finding interesting ways to reward their people.

Tiens Group

The Tiens Group celebrated its 20th birthday in grand style. In honor of the event, the billionaire CEO of the Chinese conglomerate took more than 6,000 employees on an all expenses paid trip to France. The four-day vacation included a private tour of the Louvre and a private shopping event at Galeries Lafayette, an upscale French department store chain. After spending two days in Paris, the group relaxed at the southern resort town of Nice. While in Nice, the group spelled out the sentence, “Tiens’ dream is nice in the Côte D’Azur,” earning them a Guinness World Record for creating the longest human sentence. The trip also included a massive parade along the Promenade des Anglais in Nice.


FullContact, a company that offers cloud-based contact management solutions for businesses, developers and individuals, has a slightly different take on the vacation notion. The company introduced a vacation policy in which each employee is given $7,500 to go on a vacation of their choosing. In order to keep the money for the trip, the employee must actually take a vacation (as opposed to sitting at home for a week) and must disconnect from work completely while out of the office. FullContact implemented the employee vacation program because leadership believes that its team deserves nice vacations that include genuine time off from work, so that they can come back refreshed and relaxed.

Clif Bar

Rewarding your employees starts in the workplace, as Clif Bar demonstrates. The producer of healthy energy bars and chews boasts a work space that has virtually everything its employees need to stay healthy without ever leaving the office. Living a healthy lifestyle is a top priority for the company. So the company’s executives want to make the task as easy as possible for their staff. Clif Bar’s work space spans 115,000 square feet complete with four atrium gardens and repurposed kayaks, paddles, surfboards and bikes hanging from the ceiling. There’s also a 40-foot rock climbing wall and fitness center with a dance studio, yoga room, two massage rooms, and shower and locker room facilities. Plus, Clif Bar employees receive two and a half hours of paid weekly gym time, a $350 stipend to go toward participation in athletic events and access to five in-house certified nutritionists and trainers.

As you consider potential employee rewards for your company, think about what will be most motivating to your particular employees. While vacation funds may be most enticing for some employees, other employees may rather have the opportunity to volunteer for a charity or have a unique experience with their co-workers.

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