Statement-Making Branding for Event Spaces


Event branding is an effective way for planners to boost awareness of a show, with many organizers using social media, email campaigns, newsletters and other content to spread the word. But don’t forget the crucial element of branding an event space itself. Instead of using the typical signage splattered all over the convention center or hotel, you might want to take an unusual approach to brand an event space. Here are a few ideas to consider.

Incorporate branding on event space architectural features. Almost every venue you choose to host your event has some distinctive architectural features on its façade. These attributes can be incorporated into branding your event space. At a recent TEDActive Conference, the company emblazoned its logo on the Spanish tiles at a location in Palm Springs, California. The tiles also served as a guided route for attendees to follow along the paths to session ballrooms and other venues on the property.

Deliver brand messages at the venue entrance. Don’t forget that many attendees will be glancing down (probably looking at their mobile phones) as they approach the entrance to the event venue. You can use this space to brand your event, such as by including artwork on the sidewalks.

Use a networking event as an opportunity for branding. Incorporate brand messages during a social event or mixer. At a recent event in New York City, Grey Goose hosted a pop-up pastry shop and café as part of its Fly Beyond campaign. From the cups to the treats to the napkins, the company included brand messages to educate customers on the history of the company.

Project images on the building façade. If you’ve booked a large venue, you might consider projecting event branding onto the front of the building to really make a statement for attendees. This bold promotion effort will also draw attention of the public, which helps to raise awareness of your company brand among those not in the industry.

Give the space unique personality. Branding an event space includes the efforts you make to “style” the venue. There should be consistency throughout the entire area in terms of your brand message, but the material should carry a personality all its own.

Set up a social media wall for attendees. A social media wall is an ideal way to brand a space, especially one that’s displayed in the exhibit hall or other common space. Attendees are encouraged to join the conversations going on via social media, and you can include brand messages for the crowd to see.

Do you have any interesting ideas for positioning your event brand within a conference space? We’d love to get your thoughts.

Image source: Gabriela Soltys, One Smooth Stone.

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