Interesting Pop-Up Events


Pop-up events capitalize on the appeal of the unexpected. You’re walking through a familiar park or city street, you notice bright lights, music and a crowd having a good time, and naturally you want to find out what the fuss is all about. By definition, pop-up events occur for a short time at a temporary location. From nationally known brands to boutique shops, to cutting edge restaurants, many companies are getting in on the trend of creating fun, engaging pop-up experiences for customers. Check out a few ways you can take the concept of “flash retailing” and run with it when planning your own upcoming events.

Nike’s Air Jordan Burn: Days ago, Nike engineered an Air Jordan pop-up store to commemorate the famous Michael Jordan “flu game” against the Utah Jazz in the 1997 NBA Finals. The game, considered to be a pivotal moment in the finals between the Chicago Bulls and Jazz, saw Michael Jordan overcome a stomach ailment to score 38 points to lead the Bulls over the Jazz in Utah. What made the pop-up event especially unusual was that it was located in Salt Lake City, where the Bulls broke the hearts of many Jazz fans. The event featured a wide variety of Michael Jordan merchandise, including the release of a limited number of pairs of the Air Jordan 12 Gym Red that will become available officially on July 2.

But Utah Jazz fans took the nose-tweaking event in stride. Hundreds of fans lined up in advance of the event, with some fans even camping out overnight to ensure their place in line. As it turned out, the Michael Jordan brand is still going strong in 2016, even in Salt Lake City.

The Diet Coke Get a Taste Style Bar: Downtown Toronto was the home of Coca-Cola’s innovative

“Diet Coke Get a Taste Style Bar,” a pop-up event that lasted one month. The company welcomed visitors to have a look at the recently launched Diet Coke Curated Fashion Collection, teaming up with online luxury marketplace

The partnership combined the best of Gilt’s lines of clothing, home accents and fashion accessories with the look and feel of Diet Coke. Think bright reds, metallic hues, and modern, cutting-edge design. The color palette and materials commemorate the light, refreshing, energy-boosting qualities that define the Diet Coke brand. Shoppers at the pop-up store were treated to ice cold Diet Coke while browsing the five distinct collections, enhancing the experience.

Motorola’s Pop-Up Moto Shop: Motorola capitalized on the holiday shopping season in November 2015 with its version of the pop-up customer experience, the Moto Shop. Designers of the concept realized that so many potential customers wanted a hands-on experience, being able to handle and use Motorola’s smart phones and watches. They wanted to go beyond the traditional approach to shopping for these technologies, which tends to focus on specifications and functionality. Experts were available to showcase the features and answer questions, so that customers could be confident in using their new devices before buying.

One popular feature was Moto Shop’s center that enabled shoppers to custom configure their device, a perk that was previously available online exclusively. Customers could build a device according to their preferences, including colors, materials, features and accessories.

Pop-up events like these are great for engaging your target audience and presenting unexpected experiences that they’ll not soon forget. Whether you aim for a retail shop, a cool dining scenario, or an entertaining performance that appears out of nowhere, consider taking a few cues from these brands. When you’re competing for the attention of customers, you can really make a splash with extraordinary pop-up events.

Image source: The Salt Lake Tribune

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