How to Use Slack at Events


Slack, the cloud-based team communication tool, has been called an email killer because Slack makes it easy for groups to share and organize information quickly without any complicated set-up. Available in mobile app and desktop form, Slack is becoming a communications alternative for event planners who need a rapid-fire way to share files and updates with individuals and teams. Here are some tips for using Slack when you manage an event:

Create Event Updates with Slack

 The beauty of Slack is that it’s easy to broadcast urgent information to large groups of people quickly – as well as sharing attachments such as schedules and presentations. Slack’s real-time messaging function prevents any delays in the planning and launching of events, and the ability to post updates ensures that teammates are notified of event changes. And updates occur automatically – there is no need for a user to manually notify anyone else.

Files can also be dragged, dropped and shared among your channels, and even if a user isn’t accessing their device at that particular moment, they are alerted that new content awaits them. The app’s robust search functionality feature also helps users find documents and other users quickly.

 Have Separate Discussions with Functional Channels

 One of Slack’s handiest features is the ability to create private, invite-only channels, which can be especially useful if you don’t want your entire team to see a sensitive, back-channel communication. Say, for example, a speaker wants to review contents of a presentation exclusively with a graphic designer. With invite-only channels, the speaker and designer can share information privately while still having access to more public communications channels unless you as the event planner want to restrict their access.

Make Use of the Mobile App

Although Slack is available in desktop form, the mobile app really shines when an event team is onsite at large venues, when team members are constantly on the move. Slack functions as a combination texting and file-sharing tool on your mobile phone, with all the functions described in this blog post accessible. When you need to review a document or communicate with a team member in a hurry, and you’re all in far-flung locations at, say, a large hotel, Slack can make life a lot easier and efficient.

Establishing a sense of work-togetherness ahead of (and during) meetings is made easier with Slack. With Slack, your communications are faster and more customized for different team members when you’re on the go.

What are your favorite apps for event planning and execution?

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