Four Tips for Conducting a Successful Podcast


Why are podcasts popular again? They were hot prior to 2010, but then tailed off in popularity. One of the reasons podcasts are trendy again is they fit conveniently into the needs of our increasingly mobile, multi-tasking lifestyles. It’s easy to listen to a podcast while working out, driving somewhere or shopping, just as we consume music on the go. Podcasts are an effective way for a business to deliver content regularly with minimal start-up costs. If you are considering the use of podcasts to build an audience, keep in mind these tips:

  • Use Quality Recording Equipment – Don’t rely on the microphone built into your laptop or mobile phone to broadcast your content. Invest in quality equipment. Technical issues and corrupt files can undermine the built-in audio capabilities of any computer — so choose a microphone that has a higher degree of control over environmental sound disruptions, select a mixer with multiple channels, and don’t forget to connect everything together with audio cables, microphone cables and speaker cables.
  • Write a Script – Whether you outsource this job or do it yourself, it’s important that you portray your specific message in a clear and concise way when you do a podcast. Incessant babbling will turn off listeners and viewers and make you look unprofessional. An entire monologue doesn’t necessarily have to be composed, but an informative outline of the topic, along with notes and resources, will ensure a victorious podcast.
  • Incorporate Guests – Listening to one person’s voice, opinion and advice over and over again can be monotonous, which is why having a guest is a powerful form of podcast marketing. If you’re unable to find someone who is willing to join you in recording a podcast, why not request viewers/listeners to call in for a question and answer session?
  • Keep It Short and Sweet – Podcasts can last for as long as an hour, but if you’re creating branded content, start with episodes that are shorter, unless you’re doing something extraordinary, such as hosting podcasts with well-known celebrities. Although you want to put your message across and make sure it sticks in the minds of your subscribers, you don’t want to take up too much of their time. Get to the point within the first minute, or you risk losing 90 percent of your audience.

Podcasts can be a targeted, low-cost way to build a community and show off the personality of your company. As you consider your podcast strategy, here are some successful B2B podcasts to check out:

  1. Flip The Switch from Uberflip: Notable marketers discuss the tools, tactics and processes behind how they drive growth for their companies.
  2. The Growth Show: This is Hubspot podcast series on how to drive growth, ideas, teams and a movement.

What are your favorite podcasts, and why?

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