The World Series Scores a Social Media Grand Slam


It’s history in the making. The stuff that dreams are made of. Welcome to Game 7 of the 2016 World Series. Tonight, either the Chicago Cubs or the Cleveland Indians will end championship droughts of historic proportions. Regardless of the outcome, the World Series has already become the kind of event that will be celebrated by current and future generations of baseball fans. And social media is playing a big role preserving the legacy of this historic event.

The Cubs and Indians Play Ball

Both the Cubs and the Indians have been maximizing the value of social media in many ways. One example that really jumps out at me is how both teams have used Twitter. For all the criticism Twitter has received as a business, the platform remains immensely relevant for capitalizing on the news. And both the Cubs and Indians have done so in spades. For example, when the Indians pummeled the Cubs in Game 4 to take a decisive 3 games-to-one lead, the Indians savored the victory on Twitter:


When the Comeback Cubs’ Addison Russell knocked in a record-tying six runs to power the Cubs to victory in Game 6, forcing a Game 7, the Cubs Twitter account quickly reported on his huge night:


The World Series might be an intense event, but both teams have lightened the mood on Twitter. For example, leading up to Game 7, the Cubs posted “Super official excuse notes” for fans to skip school, work, or other responsibilities to support the team on this most epic of sports days:


The two teams have also trolled each other with amusing results. After the Cubs found themselves on the brink of elimination after Game 4, the team playfully tweeted about dressing up as the Cleveland Cavaliers on Halloween in a sly reference to the Cavs’ coming back from a 3-1 deficit to win the NBA championship earlier in 2016. Not to be outdone, the Indians trolled both Major League Baseball and Fox announcer Joe Buck with one tweet that answered a positive MLB tweet about the Cubs’ Kyle Schwarber:


With that tweet, the Indians showed that they know their audience: loyal fans who believe that announcer Joe Buck plays favorites with the Cubs’ Kyle Schwarber.

Fans Win

Fans have also created social media gold by creating real-time content. For example, Going into Game 7, Cleveland fans rallied around pitcher Corey Kluber, scheduled to take the mound for this do-or-die game:


And on Facebook, entertainer Bob Newhart, a longtime Cubs fan, has been flying the W regularly with faithful posts as he follows the World Series on television:


Both the Cubs and Indians have showed their appreciation by re-tweeting and liking their fans’ content. Here are two teams that understand the importance of the moment. And regardless of the outcome of Game 7, they’re both winning.

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