How to Connect with Audiences in a Large Setting


When you speak before a large audience, creating engagement can be a challenge. You’re battling the impersonal nature of a large setting, and it’s difficult to connect with people individually. Fortunately, there are a few solutions available that will help you create engagement. Although the following tools are useful in any type of venue, they are especially valuable with a large, more impersonal setting, when you need to work harder to keep people engaged:

Buzzmaster: With this Web-based platform, you can get the entire audience involved with the conversation – even in large settings. The technology turns attendees’ smartphones into tools for real-time interaction, with the products of their engagement appearing on a video wall alongside the presenter. Buzzmaster boasts 80 percent or higher audience participation because it enables the speaker to take new directions on the fly as the crowd asks questions and responds to discussions. The audience can actually see comments appear on the screen as they’re typing. As an additional benefit, you can customize the display to align with branding themes.

Catchbox: It’s one thing to interact with your audience as they type comments and questions through their mobile device or laptop; it’s something else entirely when a speaker can actually engage in a conversation with a member of a live crowd. The Catchbox throwable microphone gives your audience a voice and encourages attendees to speak up, as many people may feel less intimidated when they’re in the crowd instead of in front of it. Catchbox lowers the mental barriers so that the audience feels free to present comments and ask questions.

PowToon: The technologies above may help get audience members more involved with your presentation; PowToon helps you make the presentation itself more engaging. Meeting attendees, like many of us, prefer rich visuals. They can more readily understand complex concepts, and images and animation naturally retain attention. PowToon offers easy to use tools enabling you to create custom videos to convey your message and make the content more stimulating.
Speaking in a large setting can be a challenge, but it’s one you can overcome when you use tools and technologies intended to make the experience more interactive. What are some of the ways you’ve seen presenters connect with audiences in this type of environment? As a presenter yourself, how do you engage large crowds? We’d love to hear your insights in the comments below.

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