Beyond the holiday party

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The fanfare of the holidays is over, and it can be difficult to get back into the swing of things when January rolls around. Employers know the post-holiday winter blues all too well, as they try to find ways to motivate their teams during the very important kickoff to the new year. The office celebrations belong back in December, but there are ways for companies to brighten the lives of employees without throwing a party at every opportunity. Once the confetti has been swept from the floor, try a few of these post-holiday employer perks to stimulate your team, inspire creativity and encourage employee productivity.

Set Aside an Employee Appreciation Day: This approach is a great way to get workers together to have fun and bond – especially after the holidays, when they’ve spent time with family and away from each other. BloomNation, an online marketplace for local florists, gets employees motivated by engaging them with friendly competition. Every year, the company hosts a paintball tournament, an Arcade Night, and other competitions throughout the year to foster team building.

Food Perks: Free food is a proven winner among employees who might lack enthusiasm as they return to working full weeks after the holidays. ezCater an online caterer serving businesses nationwide, conducted a survey on the impact of serving food in the workplace and reported some interesting statistics on office productivity: Seventy-six percent of office-based employees reported better meeting attendance and 66 percent stated that having food at meetings saves them time throughout the day.

Sponsor a Volunteer Day: To promote team unity and good will, consider giving employees a day off to volunteer at the charity of their choice. Alternatively, you could have your team vote on a charity to support and take the whole gang out to contribute their time. Showing your workers that your company is dedicated to charitable efforts for the local community makes them proud to be a part of something special – giving them more incentive to come to the office every day.

It’s tough for companies and their teams to regain their stride after several weeks of celebrations, but some post-holiday employer perks can help everyone get back on track for the new year. Do any of these ideas motivate you to be more productive and set ambitious goals for the coming months? How does your employer inspire employees during the post-holiday slump that impacts many organizations? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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