Examples of businesses that did good in 2016


There are several reasons that companies give back throughout the year, and it’s not just a tax incentive that motivates them. Organizations that engage in charitable efforts attract top talent, because more and more employees want more than just salary and benefits when looking at corporate culture.

Businesses also benefit from philanthropic activities because word gets out, improving their brand in the eyes of the public and potential customers. Many companies consider charitable contributions as central to their mission, and here are a few examples of businesses doing good.

Salesforce: By incorporating its own technology, people and resources, Salesforce has helped communities throughout the world – based upon the preferences of its team members. The company refers to its charitable model as the 1-1-1 approach because the original intent was to invest one percent of technology, employees and other assets in philanthropic causes. Employees are in control of their own contribution, making their own choices on when, where and which causes. Salesforce team members get seven Volunteer Time Off days per year and the top 100 volunteers gets a $10,000 to donate to their charity.

Teach for America: The mission of Teach for America is to encourage recent college grads and professionals to teach in areas where they can make the biggest difference in the movement to end educational inequality. The approach is simple: Recruit, develop and place the most promising prospects in education at positions where they can raise educational quality to equal levels as the rest of the country. Candidates commit to a two-year stint in urban and rural regions where they’re needed most to develop students. Teach for America offers philanthropic opportunities at multiple levels, as employees get the change to motivate and develop future teachers – while also informing others on the problems of educational inequality in the US. 

John Deere: Its roots are in farming, so it’s logical for John Deere to focus its charitable efforts on the industry. The company is dedicated to feeding those in need throughout the world, by innovative technologies and services that enable farmers in developing countries to enhance their productivity. John Deere supports farmer training, water access programs, and supply chain initiatives to help people work smarter, not harder.

GitHub: The company may be best known for its software-building tools, and its charitable arm “ConnectHome,” builds on this concept. The program partners GitHub with the US White House and Department of Housing and Urban Development provide lower-income families with free or affordable access to the internet. The plan supports household members with such pursuits as applying to jobs, researching colleges, and finishing homework.

These are just a few of the businesses doing good in 2016. What kinds of charitable efforts inspire you the most? Do you have other creative ideas on how to do good in the coming year? If you were the CEO of your company, what would you do to give back locally or globally? We welcome your input.

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