Snapchat Spectacles — Ways That Marketers Can Brand Themselves


Snapchat Spectacles may be a one-trick pony as far as functionality, but they’re great at that primary function. This technology is a device that records video to Snapchat, with the versatility of a pair of sunglasses. Spectacles can capture excellent quality video from the user’s point of view, which can then be uploaded to Snapchat – even after the fact, since the device stores the content until it can connect with the app via smart phone.

The video can be viewed horizontally and vertically, with the ability to record 360-degree images through a circular lens. Spectacles literally capture everything the user sees. When shared across different platforms, the video is displayed in the circular format – so the viewer can watch different parts vertically, others horizontally.

Spectacles are the obvious choice for anyone from the casual outdoor aficionado to hard core adventurist. But there are many ways marketers can use them for branding purposes. Check out a few that are opening a few eyes.

Mountain Dew: Would-be daredevils got a peek at what it’s like to speed across town on a skateboard. The highlight of the video from the viewer’s perspective is the ability to switch from horizontal to vertical imaging to see ideal angles of the ride. For the Spectacles wearer, the best part was to be able to drink a Mountain Dew while simultaneously filming and skating.

Sour Patch Kids: The folks behind this candy company got their hands on a set of Snapchat Spectacles and made a brilliant branding move. Few things are more appealing to DIY chefs than a truly hands-on lesson in baking – and Sour Patch Kids did exactly that with their Spectacles. The video even included instructions for viewers to turn their mobile device sideways to get a better view of the action. 

Use of Influencers: The launch of Snapchat Spectacles has been smaller in scale as compared to other technology, and developers say there’s a reason behind the rollout. Snap Inc. CEO Evan Spiegel wants to gauge the reaction of average consumers first, providing the device to Snapchat’s leading influencers first. You might see Blac Chyna go about her normal daily routine – only hands-free with Spectacles. Or, get a close-up look at the day in the life of a supermodel by checking out Gigi Hadid’s use of the technology. Followers may also want to catch up with what Nicole Ritchie’s doing these days, via her influencer content on Spectacles.

When technology like Snapchat Spectacles makes it into the exclusive hands of online influencers, there’s an opportunity for brands to get on board. And with the Spectacles price tag at around $130, marketers will be able to reach more of their followers.

The technology may be in its infancy stages but Snapchat Spectacles will be a useful option for marketers seeking new ways to connect with their audiences. The novel, circular video format provides point of view imagery engages like never before. How would you incorporate Snapchat Spectacles into your marketing efforts? What influencers would be ideal targets for using the technology in branding? We’d like to hear your thoughts.

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