What are some leading-edge examples of how events are using wearables to liven up the event experience?


There are many types of technology offering more sophisticated, innovative options for bringing spark to events, but today’s meetings are moving beyond clickers and mobile apps. Wearable technology is no longer a glimpse into the future: It’s here now and has already entered the mainstream for engaging attendees and speakers at conferences. Seeing your colleagues and presenters donning wearables is going to become just as common at events as lanyard-strap badges and meeting apps. Check out a few leading-edge examples of how planners are incorporating wearables to invigorate the event experience.

Smart Badges and Wristbands: Attendees are wearing badges anyway, but the latest in wearables will say a lot more about a person than their name, title and company. Developers of the Xfocus have combined a smart badge with the versatility of a mobile app and the power of analytics tools to track attendees throughout the event. The badge delivers real-time details about who’s in attendance and where they’re hanging out at the conference or exhibit hall. Other event planners are implementing wristbands that operate in a similar fashion. They can be used to promote a meeting by automatically posting updates to social media, so an attendee can share images, video or other content.

Solutions to Engage During Presentations: The outdated remote control devices of yesterday are making way for new wearable technology to navigate through slide presentations. The Myo Gesture Control Armband is a subtle wearable that works with the movements of your body to transition from one page to the next, with just a flick of your finger. Presenters can move forward, backward, zoom in, and point to slides without the need for a clumsy remote. Myo’s Gesture Control Armband has been used to control drones in other environments – imagine if you’re the first to maneuver a drone into your event, having it land on the stage as you flip through slides.

Ready to Wear Wearable: Where fashion meets technology, you’ll find the “smart shirt.” These wearables are commonly used by adventurers and professional athletes to monitor biometrics, and they’re beginning to transition over to events. Attendees expect the free T-shirt with their registration packets, but you’ll blow them away with attire outfitted with devices designed to enhance their event experience. In the world of sports, smart shirts are already being used to enhance interaction between the spectator and play on the field, so they could soon be coming to an event near you. Even fashion icon Ralph Lauren is getting into the game, so your meeting attendees will be as stylish as they are connected.

To engage meeting attendees and presenters at conferences, event planners need to stay current on the latest technology and trends that get people talking. Wearables are the trend at today’s meetings, but there will soon be others to take their place. What do you think will be the next best thing to energize participants at events? Are there other wearable technology options that planners should consider? Please feel free to discuss.

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