Five examples of brands that are killing it on Facebook


Brands know they need to be on social media, and many of them have jumped aboard by creating a Facebook page. But not all companies know what they need to do besides the basics. They’re posting images, sharing videos, liking the comments and posts of their followers – and crossing their fingers that they’ll engage their audience. Then, there’s an elite group of brands on Facebook. They’ve fully embraced social media and are actually providing value to their audience. They’re connecting, developing relationships, and building loyal communities. And these brands are establishing a Facebook presence that makes followers want to do business with them. Here are five examples of brands that are killing it on Facebook.

  1. Spartan Race: One of the most popular outdoor obstacle course events engaged on social media by getting participants ready for the annual event – all year long. They post inspirational quotes, workouts of the day and competitors’ stories. Spartan Race’s Facebook page includes an ideal mix of media formats, including images, video, text and infographics. The end result is consistent branding throughout and an extremely dedicated community.


  1. Williams-Sonoma: With over three-quarters of a million followers and adding more every day, Williams-Sonoma has pretty big shoes to fill on social media – and they manage to do it well by putting the focus where it should be: its products. The images are the key for engagement here. When you put together the company’s colorful, fun kitchen essentials with amazing looking food, you can see why many visitors to their Facebook page are clicking the “Shop Now” button that takes them directly to the site.


  1. Warby Parker: This glasses company is winning on Facebook because they’ve developed a keen understanding of their customers: it’s crystal clear who the target audience is and all content is directed to their community. For example, Warby Parker conducts fun contests for engagement. A recent campaign featured images of their own team wearing different glasses; followers choose the best style based on the face shape.


  1. Wayfair: Pictures are key to Wayfair’s success on Facebook – not surprising, since imagery is essential for a home décor company showcasing its products. Wayfair posts tons of images, but is still able to target them to the right audience based on interest. Got a pet? You can be sure to find the perfect cat or dog bed – that fits nicely within your existing décor.


  1. PUBLIC Bikes: This brand is killing it on Facebook because it keeps things fun, colorful and inspired. This bike-sharing company out of San Francisco incorporates a nice balance of content types, and engages through giveaways and product reviews. Plus, PUBLIC Bikes posts plenty of non-bike related material to appeal to its target audience’s other interests. The organization also features their own coffee brand, another effective marketing move to raise brand awareness.

Creating a Facebook page is just the beginning to establishing a strong social media presence. Those brands on Facebook that are really nailing the concept are doing so because they connect with their followers and enhance personal relationships. What brands would you put on this list? How are they engaging with their communities? We’d like to hear your insights.

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