Stimulating Both Mind and Body at Events


When you go to a conference or other type of event, it’s pretty much a given that most of your time will be spent sitting down. You could end up sitting in seminars and other meetings for hours at a time. Sure, there will be short breaks to stretch your legs every now and then, but for the most part, the only exercise you’ll get is walking from one workshop to another.

Not only is this bad for your health in general, it can also limit just how much benefit you get out of the event as a whole. Sitting around for hours on end can cause your brain to go idle after a while, so that the sessions you attend at the end of the event simply don’t have as much impact as the ones at the beginning, when you were full of energy and motivation.

The solution is to design your events to stimulate the body as well as the mind. There are a couple ways you can do that.

Corporate Yoga

This is becoming increasingly popular at conferences and other events. In addition to workshops and lectures, put a few rounds of yoga on the schedule. Have one room in your venue equipped with yoga mats and other basic equipment and hire a yoga instructor to coach two or three 30 or 60 minute sessions throughout the day. Let attendees know in advance to bring clothes they’re comfortable stretching in.

Having a few different schedule options makes it easier for attendees to take advantage of the opportunity without having to miss out on another important event. Encourage attendees to take a break at least once each day of the conference to calm their minds and stretch their bodies, in order to rejuvenate before getting back into the fray.

Organized Sports

Yoga isn’t for everyone. For some, a higher level of physical activity and a healthy level of competition are what it takes to be reinvigorated. To that end, it can be beneficial to organize some sort of group sport at the end of the day, once all the workshops and lectures are finished.

What sport you decide to organize is up to you. You can put together a game of touch football or soccer, a softball round robin tournament, or whatever else appeals to you and your attendees. Separate people into teams and even offer prizes to the winners, as incentive to join in the fun. This will not only help keep people active, but also encourage teamwork.

Just be sure you plan ahead and make sure you have proper equipment. It’s also a good idea to look carefully at your venue beforehand. Are there facilities for a particular sport on the premises or nearby? Are there any safety hazards that would make certain activities difficult (rough terrain, local wildlife, etc.)? There may be obstacles, but have a plan ready to overcome them and make things work.

When you have a conference or other corporate event, the goal is to have attendees leave invigorated, pumped up, and ready to take on whatever life throws at them next. If you have them sitting around in an auditorium for two or three days, you’re likely to get the opposite result.

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