Unique Venues for Meetings and Events

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Once you’ve attended a few corporate meetings, they can start to look the same. Most are held in the ballroom of a hotel that looks exactly like every other hotel ballroom in the country. Larger events are held in the city’s local convention center. If you’re lucky, your group has it all to yourselves, though if you pick the wrong weekend, you could end up with executives and cosplayers wandering around the same space, trying to figure out the signage.

There are so many more interesting and dynamic venues you can use for your events, though. With a little creativity and planning, you can book someplace interesting and unusual, which will make your event stand out and hold attendees attention. Here are a few unique venues to consider. Some of the links below also take you to other unique venues in these cities.

  1. New York – The Elevated Acre. One of the first ways to make a meeting memorable is to get out of those stuffy hotels and convention centers and hold it outdoors. The Elevated Acre combines the fresh air and open spaces of a public park with the privacy of a hotel ballroom. An acre of landscaped garden and lawn, it’s located on the roof of 55 Water Street, a high rise building in the Financial District. It includes views of the Brooklyn Bridge, New York Harbor, and more.
  2. Las Vegas – Brooklyn Bowl. As one of the most popular places in the world to hold your event, Vegas has no shortage of hotels, arenas and other traditional meeting spaces. So to mix things up, why not hold your event at a bowling alley? Of course, Brooklyn Bowl is no ordinary bowling alley. In addition to its two levels of 16 lanes each, it also has a sizable concert space, a fantastic restaurant, and room to accommodate up to 2,500 people—plus VIP areas for smaller meetings.
  3. Chicago – Navy Pier. Located right on Lake Michigan, Navy Pier always has something worthwhile going on. It has an amusement park, an indoor botanical garden, art exhibits, regular fireworks displays during the summer, and much more. It’s also available for events of all types, both small and large, and makes a terrific and diverse backdrop for whatever you have going on.
  4. Los Angeles – Air Force One. The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California, has a former Air Force One plane on display, which was used to transport several Presidents. The space where it’s located, Air Force One Pavilion, can be rented out for any number of events, including sit down dinners of up to 1,400 people, right under the plane’s nose. Meetings and events also include a tour of the aircraft itself.
  5. Orlando – Quantum Leap Winery. Nothing adds class to your event like fine wine. The Quantum Leap Winery in Orlando can be rented out for tastings, tours and more. It’s a bit smaller than some of the other venues we’ve looked at. The tasting room holds up to 175 guests, whereas the venue as a whole can hold 400. But it can be rented out for events of all types and is a great way to make yours something to remember.

These are just a few possible venue options around the country. There are plenty of other unique spaces you can use for your meeting or event, if you exercise a little creativity. Do you want an outdoor venue? Something intimate and classy or large and accommodating, with a great view?  Do you want certain activities and attractions in the vicinity, for guests/attendees to enjoy?

Think about what it is you want guests to get out of the event and the kind of space that can provide that. Then research venues in the area that can meet those criteria. With a little bit of planning, you can find the perfect venue to make your event into something that everyone will be talking about.

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